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Proposed Legislation To Criminalize Crypto In India

The tyrannical nature of government is prevalent even in countries that are categorized as democracies. A proposed bill to criminalize cryptocurrency in India proves as much

June 10, 2019 — Bitcoin Chaser

Decentralized Stablecoin Basis Shutting Down

Can regulation be overbearing? Definitely! The cryptocurrency space has had its fair share and Basis is the latest example of how too much regulation stifles innovation

December 19, 2018 — Ilona Silberman

India Puts The Brakes On Cryptocurrency

More push back on cryptocurrencies, this time from India. BTC withdrawals to bank accounts have been suspended & new regulation is being worked out. In the meantime, the people in India are suffering the consequences

July 5, 2018 — Tabassum Naiz

US And Canadian Regulators Launch Operation Crypto Sweep

As US regulators and their Canadian counterparts launch operation Crypto Sweep, the language and the scope of the investigation leave the cryptocurrency community wondering about the real intention of the crack down

May 22, 2018 — Tabassum Naiz

Thai Government Enacts Cryptocurrency Capital Gains Tax

Cryptocurrency taxation has become a hot topic for governments around the world. Thailand’s government decided to tackle the issue by instituting a capital gains tax and VAT on transactions

May 16, 2018 — Tabassum Naiz

Australia Bans Cash Payments Over $7,500 USD

From France all the way to Australia, governments are keen on limiting the use of cash. They might get to a point where they ban it altogether, which has an adverse effect on individual freedom and possibly cryptocurrency adoption

May 14, 2018 — Kirsty Gordon

SEC Subpoenaed Riot Blockchain

Regulated markets are awash with scams. A company suddenly switch its business focus from bio tech to blockchain tech under the watchful eye of regulators and it took a while until a subpoena was issued

April 24, 2018 — Tabassum Naiz

Reserve Bank Of India Prohibits Regulated Entities From Dealing With Cryptocurrencies

Another government institution is coming out against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for no apparent reason, this time in India.

April 7, 2018 — Tabassum Naiz

French AMF Warns Public About Unauthorized Exchanges

Despite repeated warnings to regulators about the nature of decentralized cryptocurrency assets, authorities keep trying to regulate what they can’t reach. that is exaclty what is happening in France now

March 20, 2018 — Tabassum Naiz

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